I’m Ashtyne, human first and photographer somewhere within that. I’ve always been a lover of art and the stories we tell within it. I’m continuously chasing what motives, what inspired, and what small nuances that get overlooked or often deemed unimportant. A shadow, a look, a skin peak, a cloth fold; these are the moments that inspire me. Being a lover of art means I’m not a lover of perfection. If you want perfection, I ask you to reconsider partnering with me. If you are okay with exposing your mess, your all-too-normal life, and your humanity...then you're who I've been waiting for. I want to remind people why ordinary moments are the material with which the best art is made.

I believe my way of viewing and capturing life is meant to connect people and to be shared. The opportunity to serve and celebrate individuals is what excites me the most about photography, the ability to remember moments and the people within them with definition and clarity. Maybe you’ll find something you didn’t notice or a brand new narrative will appear in front of the camera, maybe you’ll see yourself in a new way. The perspective from which we live our lives is very different to the one from the outside. As humans, we’re incredibly aware of our mess, but without it, you wouldn’t have all the beauty that makes you human. This is more than just photography, it's an opportunity to understand your value more fully. 

Ordinary moments are the material with which the best art is made.

It’s rooted in my soul to create out of an appreciation for the simplicity and authenticity from which I came.

I've been married to my best friend, who I met in fourth grade, for five years now. I consider the East Coast my home, although I was born and raised in Nebraska. It’s rooted in my soul to create out of an appreciation for the simplicity and authenticity of which I came from. I was the girl who asked for a digital camera many Christmases ago, who made her sisters dress up and pose in front of a tablecloth slung over a door. On a farm surrounded by flattened fields for miles, my imagination was my companion. There were no distractions, no tv or social media. I embraced what I had. A passion for creating grew in those years...it's how I breathe, how I feel, how I experience God, how he encounters me, and how I'm designed. 

My grandpa used to say that there's something beautiful about a whole-lotta nothing...and if you've been to Nebraska, you might be able to understand how real that statement is. Like many raised in a small town, I couldn't wait to see what else was beyond our miles of flattened fields. I drifted south to Missouri where I studied fine art for several years, which were some of my richest years, growing in my craft and in myself. I'm still growing by the way...in case you might've thought I've arrived, I don't believe in such a thing. I'm determined to be forever a student. Between painting and pottery classes, I borrowed a colleague's camera; I photographed nature, strangers cleaning shop windows, and friends willing to pose in alleyways. What were spontaneous night-time shoots in front of car headlights quickly became a passionate expression that I could wrap others into

Me and my love!

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then I'm your gal.

Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Rome, Italy

Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kathmandu, Nepal

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phoenix, Arizona

Page, Arizona

Los Angeles, California

NYC, New York

Denver, Colorado

Austin, Texas

Oklahoma City

Kansas City,

Tucson, Arizona

Joshua Tree, California

Marfa, Texas

Santorini, Greece

San Diego, California

Big Sur, California

Page, Arizona

Moab, Utah

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Death Valley National Park

Glacier National Park

Yosemite National Park

San Francisco, California

The Oregon Coast

Lisbon, Portugal

Marrakech, Morocco



1. Find me at any coffee shop that serves a cortado and chocolate croissants
2. I backpacked the Himalayas when I was 20, most life-changing adventure
3. Former horse fanatic...still a bit of a country girl down deep
4. Not into religion, but all about a real, intimate, relationship with Jesus
5. I met my husband in fourth grade (he ages real well)

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